About Snyder & Son Property Ventures

Darryl grew up around windows, property rentals and construction. He has always had an interest in the trades. Working as a painter for 5 years he got out of the business to begin a family though he couldn't stay away from what he loved. While working outside the trades he filled his time renovating his own house as well as the homes of his friends and family.

He began working with his father (Windows and Renos Inc.) installing windows and doors. After a few years they decided to build Darryl's mother her dream home. They enjoyed this so much they began planning another house build. 2 Wellington Place in Moose Jaw, SK. was complete in 2013 (there are many pictures of this house build in the image gallery).

Darryl began doing so many side jobs for other people he decided it was time to start his own company. Snyder & Son Property Ventures isn't just Darryl's dream, it is also the dream of his family and friends. We are very excited and know that God will bless this company greatly!


Thanks for taking the time to read a little about our company. We look forward to your business!